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The best technology ever, this is my favorite phone ever… We use to call this phone model Kitkat… BTW i still fix the phone if it breaks down… 😛


Making The iPad Worth It

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Technology

“Making the iPad worth it
This might be old news, but today a friend told me that I can use a VPN on my iPad!! This means that your Interent server will be based in the US and therefore have access to many awesome apps only available US users!

Now you can download an app called VPN Express for free but you have to pay for the data plan which gives you the necessary information to input into iPad or iPhone settings. There are different packages to choose from and prices seem reasonable enough .

I’m just happy I can use Hulu on my iPad and watch high quality tv shows with reasonable streaming speed.

Here’s an article I found that explains everything with a little more details and also shows you how to use VPN for free: ”

Written by my friend MJA…