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I just finished reading this book a few days back, it was very informative and helpful… Rich Dad Poor Dad explains how a person should think in finance issues… If your thinking of starting a buisiness this book is helpful and motivative… I am two thirds through the photo challenge, 10 more days left… Honestly i didn’t think i would last this long…



Part of my shelf at work, yes the books are boring… These are the books they gave me in my course in Malaysia…


Posted: May 26, 2011 in Books

I bought this book yesterday called Controversy, its written by an ambitious young Kuwaiti author, Hamad Homoud Al-Otaibi. Hamad has been working on this novel for a year now and it just got published. I bought it for KD 4 and you can do so by contacting Hamad on this number 66912688 by sending a msg with your address and he will deliver it to you. When i finish reading it i will tell what i think. I wish Hamad all the best…