Tea Club…

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Food, Travel


Another great place i like to go try in Bahrain is The Tea Club also in Amwaj… They have hundreds of kinds of tea and every time i go i like to try something new… This time we went after our Burger Lounge lunch so we only had tea and didn’t eat…

1- Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea…

I really liked it, it was a great choice from my friend… I wouldn’t mind Having it again…

2- Caramel Chai…

This was my choice and it wasn’t so nice… It tasted good only after alot of spoons of sugar…

These are two pics of their tea library, you can buy from them any kind of tea you like…



The previous time i went i ate their, click here to read about it… Tea Club is a great place to eat or have a cup of tea and when the weather gets better its more beautiful sitting outside…

  1. I finally went there 😛

    I didnt try the tea though lol we went there for dinner.. the service was really really reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy baaaaaaaaddddd !!!!

  2. Wow missed you man long time no see. actually i took a break for a while.. now i’m back hehe. anyway back to your post. mashAllah seems like you’ve done so much in Bahrain. nice hotel good food hehe. although i’m not a fan of tea or seafood but the food looks great and omg of course you’ll go wrong with the chicken in a burger joint!

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