PappaRoti Cafe…

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Food, Travel

PappaRoti the best most delicious cafe ever… To be honest i didn’t try the cafe i just ordered the Bun itself and it was to die for… Since i have been back from Dubai i have been dreaming of that bun every night, i want to go back to Dubai just to eat the bun again and pile me a life time supply to take back home… I don’t know how exactly i can tell you how good it was, it was a bit crispy from the outside with a great aroma smell and from the inside it was soft, cushy, pillowy and buttery… This bun is a must if you go to Dubai, if you do go and don’t try it i am going to go to Dubai buy one Roti bun go to your house smack you in the face, kick you in the ass so hard you will feel it in your stomach then shove the bun down your throat… GOT THAT..? 😛

Just seeing this picture makes my eyes tear and my stomach go ‘boq boq’, this Roti bun was the highlight of my last Dubai trip that is how good it is… For your information PappaRoti Cafe is located in Dubai Mall, now you know so you have no excuse not to go… I love you all and will love you even more if you try it… 😉


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