All Ice Cafe – Chillout…

Posted: September 15, 2011 in Food, Travel

Even though i have been to Dubai alot and heard about this icy cafe, Chillout, i have never been to it… This time i thought i will try it because it sounded like fun…


Everything is made out of ice, the seats, tables, decor, i mean everything… Before you enter they provide you with a jacket, gloves and shoes if needed… It is quite cold inside, the temperature is -6 degrees celsius…


Before you enter you pay an amount of 60 dirhams per adult which includes a complimentary drink, hot chocolate or tea… They also have a menu you can order from but we didn’t because i didn’t feel comfortable with the restaurant, it could have been alot better and alot more fun… It seemed like the owner of the cafe doesn’t really care about the restaurant… First of all there is only 1 waiter working inside and at the time we went there, there were 5 tables occupied so service was very slow… Second the seats are so not comfy even though there are cushions on them, they are not as high as stools and not as low as chairs they were right in the middle which felt like you were half standing half seated… Thirdly we only took the complimentary hot chocolate and it was so home made, it tasted like Nestle Nesquik… Forth it is so located in the wrong mall, it’s in Times Square Mall… Fifth the place is very small and could have been decorated alot better… Here are some pictures i took of the place…




Do i recommend you visit Chillout..? Well, if your like me and wanted to see the idea of it then go but don’t get your hopes up and expect alot…

  1. brrrrrrr I can feel the cold >.<

    etha mabnakel wala bensawi shay mofeed 3yal shla emsaweena? lol

    its looks nice though πŸ˜› somethin new.. kela ice nice πŸ˜›

  2. im definitely going! inshAllah:p

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