Fly Dubai Airlines…

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Travel


This is my first time on Fly Dubai, its been a good experience and i don’t mind traveling with them again… The airplane is very clean and the seats i think are similar to any other airlines… Of course in Fly Dubai you have to pay for everything food, baggage and other services…
Anyways everything went well except for a couple of things i didn’t like… First was that when they move with the food trolley they are very slow, so slow on the way to Dubai they didn’t even finish half the passengers… Second was regarding one of the flight attendants she had a conversation with one of the passengers and she didn’t resolve the problem well or you can say she didn’t resolve the issue at all… This is how the conversation between the passenger and the flight attendant went:
Flight Attendant: Excuse me, may you please close your phone…
Passenger: Its closed…
Flight Attendant: No i can see it its still open…
Passenger: No its closed i am just listening to music but the phone is closed… (He goes on and explains how)
Flight Attendant: Ok no problem but if we crash its your fault and i am going to remember your face… (Walks away)

Hey if she doesn’t mind crashing and blaming him, that is if we are still alive, i don’t want to crash at all… 😛
Anyways i still recommend Fly Dubai but reserve early not like me the night before… 😛

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