Day 5 – Someone I Love…

Posted: August 26, 2011 in 30 Day Photo Challenge, Children, Pictures


My sister’s newly born baby girl… She’s so cute but i don’t know why she’s scared of me everytime i hold her or kiss her she cries… 😛 Look at those tiny cute feet how can you not love something this little… 😉
Allah ya7feth-ha ya rab wi5aleeha 7ag ahlha… I love you 3awasha… 😉

  1. hahahaha shaklha et5af minek 😛
    rabiii ya7feth’haa oo e5aleehaa lekum oo 3qbal matchoofha 3aroos
    ya7leel her lil feet etyaneen mashalla :**

  2. Hadeel says:

    7abbitik il3aaafyaaaaaa
    Smillaah 3ala galb binteee… Ya 7ilo rwailaat’haaa wallah :*

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