New Gergean Generation…

Posted: August 17, 2011 in Kuwait

About gergean i was thinking that before in our generation it was much nicer… The candy was nicer the style of gergean was different… Before when we used to go out and collect gergean door to door we would do it walking and wearing dishdashas at least and we would have one of our friends wear 3abaya… 😛 It was alot of fun and we would sing so hard our lungs would pop out…


Nowadays… Lets start with the candy its a bit different than before but thats ok… What makes me sad is when i see them ygarge3ooon… These things i am about to tell you i saw them bman6e8atna… The picture above, gamaw ygarge3oon b7an6ooor gilna may5alef, ba9 mowa9alat 6awfnaha inzain limosine hathi 8awiya… Shilwanasa bilmawthoo3 9ar gez mo gergee3an… Oo il-lebs la asolif 3an il-lebs ilbanat 6ab3an kash5een a5er kash5a oo 6al3een chinhom ray7een mojama3 mo ygarge3oon wain idarareee3 oo ishabab nafs ishay ba3ad…
Allah ya7feth 3yalna oo ahaleena oo ma yag6e3 3adat ilgergee3an mahma kan shay 7ilo oo yimkin tred nafs gabel…

  1. Manayer says:

    “we would sing so hard our lungs would pop out…” lol yeah I remember when my guy cousins, girl cousins, and I used to go sing gerge3an songs as loud as we can to my grandmother’s neighbors. We laughed and sang and competed by checking who got the most candy ;p

    yes, simplicity is missed now a days

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