WOW’s Red Velvet Dessert…

Posted: August 15, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food

Before my cheat day last Friday i saw this picture in ilsul6ana’s blog it was the Red Velvet Trifle from WOW… So when i went home after work i told my mother not to cook any desserts… I ordered by phone and picked up the order myself, check it out…


The people at WOW call it the Red Velvet dessert not trifle… Anyways it was delicious, it was so great check the bowl i was eating from… 😛


What i understood from them is that they have two sizes medium and large… The medium is the same one i ordered its KD 25 and enough for 8-10 people, the large is KD 35 and enough i think for maybe 12-15…
Contact # 1827070…
To check out their site click here

  1. FJ Bliss says:

    I tried it! ITS REALLY GREAT!

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