Solo Pizza Napulitana…

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food, Kuwait

I have heard so much about this restaurant and everyone was saying how amazing and delicious their pizza’s are, so i finally went last Thursday…


Its a small restaurant with a young ambitious Kuwaiti owner… What i really loved about the restaurant is that the cook is Kuwaiti, the waiter, the one who takes the order, the cashier they are all Kuwaitis… The fact that they are all Kuwaitis was one of the things that makes me want to go again… The restaurant’s menu is very small, if i can remember right they have 2 salads and 7 pizzas and a dessert… I went with one of my friends so we ordered 2 pizzas…


We ordered the Frodo pizza which is a pepperoni, and the Funghi which was a mushroom pizza… The pizzas both of them were so light i didn’t mind ordering another 2 but my friend didn’t want to… The mushroom was ok, nice but not great, on the other hand the pepperoni was delicious, i loved the fact that you can taste the pepperoni, it was drowned with pepperoni… Also, i loved the dough of the pizza it was different then the other pizza places its alot lighter and more delicious…


The dessert, there are no words that can describe how i loved their dessert… Who wouldn’t its NUTELLA… Ok can we have a minute of silence and look at the pictures…


Ok you can be seated again… 😛 The dessert was amazing the bread was drowned and drowned again with nutella… The nutella dessert as you can see is cut into 6 pieces, order it and reach the middle 2 pieces and pray for me (id3oooli)… 😉


Thank you Solo Pizza for your contribution to Bayt Abdulla i think that’s great… Solo Pizza is telling his customers if they want to donate for Bayt Abdulla, the donation is very small its a half KD for each pizza… Its not mandotary the waiter will ask you if you want to or not, people half KD is nothing so please don’t say no…


Bayt Abdulla is a childrens hospice that provides the care for children… Its the first one in the middle east it physically and mentally cares for the children… Read the above and you will no exactly what it is…
I will definetly revisit Solo Pizza Napulitana again and i recommend any pizza lover to try it… I still have 5 pizzas to try so i think one more visit would be enough to try all 5… 😛

  1. BYH says:

    Yabeela injarba! 😀 shakli baroo7 3ashan il nutella dessert mu il pizza 😛

  2. BYH says:

    BTW, since its past 12 oo 9ar August 14 bs wedi athakrik inna bacher 3eedmiladi mu tinsa 😛 oo no i’m not going to be 19, I’m turning 20.. NA6RA IL HADEYA (3azeema to solo pizza will do) 😛

    • Konphuzed says:

      Laish thakarteeeeni u ruined the surprise that i was going to make for u… 😛 Ok ill take u to Solo pizza… 😉 oo kil3am wintay b5air mo8adaman oo allah ywafgich ib kil illy timanaina…

  3. OMGGG This foooood looks sooo goood and yummy! I’m soo craving the pizza and chocolate! Bil3afyaaah

  4. Thats nice 😛

    the nutella dessert looks yummy ..

    Oo 7elwa fekarthum 7ag el donation!

    3laaik bel 3afyaa

    • Konphuzed says:

      Allah y3afeeeech… Mark this restaurant down as one of the places to go in Kuwait… 😉 Yes the donation is a great idea… 😀

      • anaa yabeee li ayey el kuwait bas 3shan aftar 3ala me6a3emha 😛 reyoog ‘3da 3sha kel yoom fee mokan 😛 no shopping.. spend all the money on food 😛 hahaha beeh shgad bamtan etha 9ij sweetha 😛

      • Konphuzed says:

        Ok 7ayach yabeeelich sbooo3, weekend ma ykafi… liprogram ana asaweeelichiya bes bshar6 a9eeer ur tour guide arooo7 wiyach ilma6a3em… 😛

  5. Hadeel says:

    I have to try it out before going bk to bahrain… Pleeeaaaaaase 😛

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