Old Memories…

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Food, Kuwait, Random

Old memories Tutti Frutti, i didn’t know they still sell it in Kuwait… I found it in our gerge3an batch…


  1. lol alaaaaayyy bayey agarge3 3endkum bas 3a6ni 😛 😛
    I remember when I was younger we had something called Tutti Frutti.. mathker shakla wala 6a3ma wala ree7ta walaaa shay mineh 😛 bas athker banat 5alti kanaw e’3anoon Tutti Fruttiiiiii tuttttiiii fruuuutiiiii looool .. Bas I guess it looked diff than the one your showing 😛

  2. This looks yummy I don’t know it

  3. gergaa3oooon 3adaaat 3laaaikum oyaaa el 9eyaaam
    3a6oonaa allaah ya36eekum baait makaa ewadeekum gergaa3ooon gergaa3ooon
    salem bo ya3goob yallaaah oo 5aleeh lemaah yallaaaah

    lol I am so not good at this :P.. yoom kent yahel kanaw el yahal eyoon baitna egarge3oon 😛 mara bas wa7da re7t weyahum garga3t LOL and when I grew up we moved to another area.. 7adhaa hedoo2 mafee wala 7es wala shay.. So no gerga3oon wala shay 😦 I really miss the old days..

    Yallaaah wain my gerga3oon? 3ad 9ij ma79lt shaay ana 😦 lol

    • Konphuzed says:

      Thnxxxx dear for the song, i laughed just reading it, i think hearing u sing it would be hilarious… 😛 A5af i7na illy 7a9alna lo0ool ilyahal yighanoon wi7na na36eeehom, bes gerga3oonich iyeech on my next visit to ba7rain… 😉

  4. Manayer says:

    oh.. ! just wanted to comment because i kind of have the same post ;p but you were 1st Aug 14th ;p

    • Konphuzed says:

      I love this candy i also use to eat it alot when i was a kid… But its strange how we stopped eating it when we grew up… 🙂 Ur welcome to comment netime… 😉

  5. Manayer says:

    coz now we know it’s not healthy ;p but it doesn’t hurt to eat from time to time just to remember childhood memories 😉

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