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Posted: August 10, 2011 in Random

So, right now i am bored at work and have nothing to do so i thought of just putting my hand on the keyboard and writing whatever comes to my mind… Let’s start with my diet, its getting so hard these days… Ramadan days are much harder than the regular days, ayam ilfe6r… Thbo7ona bilbait, everyday there’s dessert, if they didn’t make one today they would have something from yesterday… Why is it only in Ramadan that the people like making desserts… I don’t want to ruin my diet because i am going very well and i can see a difference just by looking in the mirror… If you were wondering and thinking that i am fat, don’t,  my weight is actually proportional to my height… I am 178 cm tall and weigh around 78 kg… Before 2 months when i started my hard, tough, kick ass gym workouts and strict dieting i was about 83 kg, so losing 5 kg in 3 months i think thats good for me considering i didn’t start out with being immensely overwieght, to me losing fat percentage is more important than losing weight… I am so loving my Fridays i am thinking of making my week with 2 Fridays at least only till Ramadan ends and then i will go back to normal… I am thinking my week would go like this (Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 1st, Friday 2nd)… 😛

Since i am talking about dieting and exercise let me say that doing my workouts pre-futoor is going awesome, im loving it… I leave work tired, reach home tired and want to sleep, leave my house go to the gym a little bit sleepy then i exercise and finish feeling so energetic and awake… I swear the feeling after the exercise is incredible, i might feel a bit thirsty a couple of minutes before futooor but that’s something i can handle… If you are wondering why not just make the workout after futoor after i have eaten… Here is my answer, first of all, in Ramadan after futoor i am really busy with diwaniyas, visiting family and friends and stuff like that, believe me until today i am still going from place to place to visit i still didn’t finish… Secondly, after futoor in Kuwait everywhere there is traffic, even when you change one street to try another one you get stuck in a bigger traffic i hate it… Third, if i do my workouts after futoor then i will have nothing to do before futoor so why waste the time… Trust me, anyone who exercises try exercising pre-futoor for a couple of times and enjoy…

To be honest i have a couple of things i wanted to write about but i didn’t want to bore you to death… So, i just wrote about one subject, because this post is just about myself and what i am thinking of these couple of days, there is no point to it… Sorry if i have bored you guys and gals and see you next post inshalla… 😉

  1. Okay I will make this fast because I have 7 minutes left to go home 😛 😛 lol

    a7ayeeek 3ala ehtemamek eb 9e7etek o jesmek 9ara7a << 5air shfeeni? 😛

    "im loving it… I leave work tired, reach home tired and want to sleep, leave my house go to the gym a little bit sleepy then i exercise and finish feeling so energetic and awake…"
    I felt like crying when I read this 😥 loool loving what? ena u r not sleeping and ur loving it? 😥 I MISS SLEEPING SO MUCH!! I am studying after work b3d so I am not getting enough sleep .. arged met2a5er oo agoom min wagt oo marged el '9eher ela 30 or 15 minutes oo sa3at kelesh marged :'(!!
    hahah yeah I love sleeping bas its good ena u r not wasting ur time like me 😛 lol

    & no we didnt get bored its nice to know abt someone more and more 😛
    so keep ur gym up 😛 enjoy it 😛 enjoy sleeping less, gettin thirsty more 😛 LOL just teasing *angelic*

    • Konphuzed says:

      Lo0oooooooL ya 7obich linoum… 😛 Shofay ana a7eb inoum bes birmothan a7es inoum 5asara, in the regular days i have to sleep after work, take a nap max. 1 hour… Wanasa tamreen ba3d idawam oo gabl ilfo6ooor a7es ib nasha6 ba3d itamreen… Ooo if ur missing ur sleep that means u also are not wasting ur time, am i right..? 😉 Good for u oo inshalla t5al9een imti7anich oo tnameeen kithr ma tabeeen… 😛

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