1st Ramadan Cheat Day…

Posted: August 6, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food, Kuwait

As you all know that even in Ramadan i am on a diet… Even though that this is the first ramadan ever for me on a diet, its going excellent… Friday my favorite day of the week, my Cheat Day… Yesterday i craved Mhamar (M7amar), i dont know the name in english but its sweet rice with fish (3aish 7ilo ma3a marag simach) 3ajeeeeeeeeeeb DELICIOUS… Just wanted to share it with you guys and of coarse i had it for futoor and suhooor… 😛


  1. Vainglorious says:

    lool o raaaaa7 il rijeeeem ;p

    3awaaafi 😉

    • Konphuzed says:

      Allah y3afeeek oo inshallah ma yroo7 irejeeem, fridays oho ilyoum illey akafe2 nafsi ba3d mo3anat sboo3 bes ba3th ilmarat ama9e5ha… :PWait and see what i had for dessert… 😀

  2. 3aaaaaaad 7araaaam 3laik 😥
    el nas 9aymaa oo ent kela 9war foooood 😥
    lol.. I love food :$.. yalla good luck fel rejeem 😛 I dunno why ur on diet 😛 .. I cant do it lol so good luck for u 😛 oo bel3afyaaaa the food looks yummy 😛

    • Konphuzed says:

      ana lama a7e6 9war food ana bes 8asdi a36eeekom afkar 7ag fe6ooorkom… 😛 I got used to being on a diet its part of my lifestyle now, dont think my diet is tough actually there is alot of food in my diet and i get full… Allah y3afeeech oo 9ij it was VERY YUMMMMY… 😀

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