Taxi Worth The Guinness Book…

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Travel

Hello Everyone, so i am finally going to post about the beautiful Kuala Lumpur… During our stay we ran into a strange but amazing taxi… The taxi owner’s name is Syed Zahid and he collects toy cars, you know the ones that we buy for children yup the same ones, he collects them… The good thing is that anyone can see his collection because its not at home collection, his toy car collection is all in his taxi…

This is the front end of the car, the wheel and checkout the small cars on the aircondition… 😉

The rear end of the car, inside back end and outside car wing… And BTW he also has a couple down beside the exhaust… 😀

The car’s roof, i know this is not a very good picture but the whole roof is covered with these toys…

For your information Syed Zahid has 893 cars inside and outside on his taxi and he hopes to reach 1000 cars by the end of this year… Inshalla he does i wish him all the best… Syed Zahid is a very polite and respectful so anyone who goes to Kuala Lumpur give him a call…

This is his direct number and it has been with him for about 10 years, so don’t worry give him a call… If you don’t have a Malaysian line and want to call him just add (006), so the number will be like this: +60126773834…

One more thing when i entered the taxi and started chatting with him the first question popped into my mind was, what do you do if you have a family with kids..? Aren’t you worried they will try to remove them..? Syed Zahid said that as soon as a family rides with him he tells them not to let their childrren play with the cars and if they pull or remove any of the cars they will have to pay him 50 Ringgit (about KD 5)… To be honest i don’t blame him… 😛

So, what do you think..? I think he deserves to be in the Guinness World Book of Records… 😉

  1. wow that’s a cool Taxi. haha your kids will ruin the car:p

  2. loooooooool
    who can stop the kids from ruin this car? 😛

    hahahaha I dun find it cool 😛 whats the point? lol

    • Konphuzed says:

      If the parents had to pay 50 Ringgit for each car their kids r going to ruin believe they will stop them… There’s no point it just something different and for him it attracts customers, and u never know we might sese him in the guinness book in a few years… 😛

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