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The best technology ever, this is my favorite phone ever… We use to call this phone model Kitkat… BTW i still fix the phone if it breaks down… πŸ˜›



This my new Eid Dishdashas…


One of my favorite chocolates is Kinder Surprise and yes i still become a child when it comes to Kinder Surprise… I love the toy inside especially the old ones… My father always tells me that im not a child anymore and my mother still brings me those eggs from behind my father’s back… πŸ˜› LoooooL its so funny its like she’s giving me drugs not chocolate… πŸ˜€


My sister’s newly born baby girl… She’s so cute but i don’t know why she’s scared of me everytime i hold her or kiss her she cries… πŸ˜› Look at those tiny cute feet how can you not love something this little… πŸ˜‰
Allah ya7feth-ha ya rab wi5aleeha 7ag ahlha… I love you 3awasha… πŸ˜‰

Elevation Burger…

Posted: August 25, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food, Kuwait


Yesterday my friend and i went to Elevation Burger… This is my second time there, you can see my first visit in this previous post… Last time i went i loved the place and this time i loved it even more… Lets start with the smell of the place, on my first visit the smell of the place was very bad because of the oil they use i think and the ventelation wasn’t working properly… This time the place smelled alot better, thank you Elevation Burger for fixing this problem it made our visit alot more comfortable…
Now lets go to my meal, i started with a burger, fries and 7up for the drink… Everything is ordered seperatly so i ordered a whole meal…


I ordered a 5 patty Vertigo burger with lettuce, ketchup, tomato, pickles and 5 slices of cheese, one on every patty…

My i introduce to you my Soft Bun-Delish Burger-5 Cheese- Extra Toppings-5 Patty burger… Ok chiny sa3balt wana akteb hal jomla… πŸ˜›

This is me half way through… πŸ˜€

What i like about Elevation Burger is that it is light on the stomach, even after a 5 patty you don’t feel heavy headed, stomach hurting or sleepy (5adraan)… I don’t know it might be the healthy oil (olive oil) they use or is it somethong else… All i can say is that if you still haven’t been to the place you should give it a try… As for me i loved their fries i ordered the regular fries its once-you-pop-you-can’t-stop kind of fries, but i have to say that my friend didn’t like them at all… I guess if everyone had the same taste then we would only have 1 restaurant in Kuwait, now thats a nightmare i don’t want to have… πŸ˜›
After we finished our sandwiches my friend wanted to order another Elevation burger (double) since he wasn’t full from his first burger… I felt i needed one more so i ordered another Elevation burger (2 patty) with the same toppings as before…

Yummy yummy – hni 6ar irejeeeem… πŸ˜›

After we finished we ordered some cookies since my previous visit they didn’t have them yet…


I liked them, they are not the best cookies in the world but they were ok… They are healthy cookies… πŸ˜‰


This above card is given to you and gets stamped for every patty you order, and when you stamp the whole card which is 7 patties you can enjoy a free single burger…
Again i say the restaurant is defintly one of My best burger places in Kuwait and its worth your taste buds… The only thing i would like to say is that thair menu is small, not alot of choices… An employee their told us that they are going to introduce a Mushroom burger soon and i hope they also introduce a Chicken sandwich as well…
Thank you Elevation Burger and see you soon… πŸ˜‰


I don’t have a favorite color but i will say black…

Baskin Robbins Day…

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Food

Yesterday was officially Baskin Robbins day in our house… All of us ordered Baskin Robbins and honestly its been a while since my last BR scoop…
Our order was:
1- 2 scoops, 1 rainbow + 1 strawberry cheese cake with strawberry sauce… (Sister’s order)
2- 2 scoops of paralines and cream… (Baby sister’s order)
3- 2 scoops, 1 chocolate mouse royale + 1 peanut butter and cocolate with hot fudge… (Mom’s order)
4- 1 scoop chocolate mouse royale with hot fudge… (My order)
5- 1 scoop chocolate trilogy which is the flavor of the month… (My order)


Bil3afya my family, ooohh and i forgot the biscuit i always order one alone without anything…


This is my order the chocolate mouse royale with hot fudge was delicious of coarse, this is what i always order when i go to BR… The main thing is the hot fudge, i always ask first if they have hot fudge because if they don’t i wouldn’t order… πŸ˜‰ Chocolate mouse with the biscuit, one bite here and another there, if you are wondering why not just mix them together and put the scoop in the biscuit, i have no answer i just became used to eating it this way… πŸ˜› The flavor of the month chocolate trilogy i didn’t like, i tasted it and just didn’t continue eating it, i miss french toast it was the flavor of the month a couple of months ago, kan LATHEEEEETH…