Ramadan Mubarak…

Posted: July 31, 2011 in Random


Mbarak 3alaikon ishahar oo Kil 3am wintaw b5air…

Ramadan is my favorite month in the year, even though alot of people i know don’t like it i actually love it… Its very relaxing and i think the fasting is not that hard if you know how to manage your time during the fasting period… I don’t like to sleep the whole day i think its a waste of time a small nap is enough… The first couple of weeks are very busy for me, i remember last year it took me two weeks to finish passing by all my family, friends and diwaniyas…

In case you were wondering my schedule for Ramadan is as follows:

9am – 3pm: Work… 😦

4:30pm – 5:30pm: Gym Workout… (Allah yaster min itamreen) 😛

6:15pm – 6:40pm: Futoor… (Lakel ma yi7la ila birmethaan bes im going to be on a diet) 😉

9pm – 11pm: Zwara Everywhere… (A7la shay coz there are people i goto i have not seen for a long time) 😉

11pm – max. 1pm: Gahwa or Home… (Ma7eb a6la3 firmethan wayid kil mokan za7ma fa kila ga3ed bilbait aw bilgahwa, ilgahwa not one of my favorite places to be) :/

Ramadan Mubarak… 🙂

  1. Embarak 3alaik el shahar 🙂
    nice to plan of what you will do in ramadan 😛

    for me, last ramadan I was really busy (matehanat fee ramdan :() I had exams so kelesh matehanait feeh.. I miss ramadan!
    This year I will be having one exam so I will try to enjoy ramadan!

    for me 7 am till 1 pm is my work timing.. I was wishing ena we start at 8 at least 😦 chee mabagdar as’har lol .. I guess el ‘9eher I will be spending it sleeping :$, maybe studying shway << kelesh ma3teqed LOL.. or perpahs I will help mom in the kitchen << BIG HOPE 😛

    I didnt plan for ramadan yet to be honest.. I just wanna enjoy it.. I will see how it goes first day 2morro 😛

    Ramadan Kareem 😀

    • Konphuzed says:

      Lo0oooL 7ita ana i dont think u would be studying before futooor… 😛 Even myself only in ramadan i help my mother in the kitchen but this year im busy with my training before futooor so i might not be able to, but will try my best… 😉 hope u enjoy this ramadan and good luck in ur exam allah ywafgich… 😉

  2. banna says:

    Banna Kuyateh ,

    Ramadan is full of blessings . We need to implement it and let the young ones practice it by fasting full time.

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