Helloooo Malaysia…

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Travel

So, finally we arrived at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia… I thought that the weather is going to be hot and all humid, but it’s AWESOME… The weather is amazing, we can go anywhere just by walking and without getting all sweaty… 😛


Anyway until now those preivious couple of days are going great… Rain from time to time and that was nice, a bit of a change over the beautiful sandstorms we had in Kuwait… Anyways il7amdilla 3ala kil 7aal ghbar wila ghaira… Since i am here for a course and its taking away half of my day i will try my best to see all the sights… I will try to take you guys with me inshalla… 😛

  1. Hellooooooooo Malaysia ^^..

    yallaaaa we will be waiting for pix.. pix .. and pix !!

    enjoy ur time and focus on ur course :).. good luck inshalla..

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