Theaters In The Old Days…

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Kuwait, Movies, Random

Better than the comfort a person has when he goes to any theater in Kuwait is incomparable. I think that we have one of the best movie theaters in Kuwait. We have big screens and also large theaters but nowadays they started to make them smaller. Anyways i still love Cinescape, many thanks to them…
Go back in time now, let us go to the 1950’s, how was the theaters before? When i was at 360 mall i found this chair from the 1950’s…



If you are complaining now imagine how they were feeling sitting on those chairs. Imagine watching a 2 hour movie sitting on that. I swear just looking at it hurts my .. … 😛
If you haven’t seen the stuff they have about cinescape at 360 mall, you must go. It’s nice seeing the progress made each decade. They have from different generation of chairs to the old entry tickets, the beautiful days when they were priced 100 fils… 😉

  1. Chuknum says:

    I saw this the other day, it is really nice, but ga6eeenha a5er shay ma7ad yeshofha!

    • Konphuzed says:

      Eee fee ashya2 ghareeba oo 3ajeeba… Oo mafii mokan ghair hnak 3ashan ilmokan wseee3… I loved the old tickets and especially the ticket malat listera7a ayam ma kan fee break bilfilim… 😛

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