Quality Time With Your Mother…

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Random

I just recieved this video and i would like to share it with you. Its not the first time i have seen it or heard the story, but it really touches the heart wether the story is true or not…

So, when was the last time you have taken your mother out? If it was along time ago do it again NOW. Whatever a person does for his mother it’s just not enough because she has done alot more for us. It’s better to just give give and give. Something so simple as doing something with or for your mother can be so complicated these days with the busy schedules. Even so that is not an excuse, why is it a problem when anything you do would make her happy no matter what. A gift, an outing or even a kiss on the hand. So excuse me now i am going to take my mother out, it has been a while… 😉

Heaven is under the feet of mothers  …  Iljana ta7t a8dam ilomahat

  1. Hadeel says:

    3asa Allah ykhalleeehom lina wala ya7rimna min shofat’hom.
    Rabbee yfarri7 gloobhom oo 3asa 3yoonhom ma tshoof illaa kil khair oo 3afya 🙂

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