Bazar Albazoor Restaurant…

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food

This restaurant is the one and only Badr Albedoor, they have changed their name long time ago when they changed their location, but no one knows it as Bazr Albazoor.


They have the best shawarma in kuwait, so last Friday (cheat day) i went to eat their for dinner. They are also known for their potatoes, bo6a6 mdawar or in english rounded poatoes. 😛 My order was 1 sandwich bo6a6 mdawar with salad and tahini, 1 chicken shawarma and 1 kabab both with salad, tahini and bo6at mdawar. Of course when i go there my friend and i take a corner and tell the guy to bring us filfel m5alal and the bottle of sha6a . Then you can dig in and enjoy…


This is their beautiful seating area. 😉 I really love those cheap, crowded, eat while standing, alleyway restaurants they are the best. 10 thumbs to Badr Albedoor it is one of the most important landmarks in Kuwait… 😉
Location: Bnaid AlQar…
I know 99% of Kuwaitis know the place but for our lovely tourists here is the map…


  1. Hehehe 3alaaaaaikum bil 3afyaaaaaaaa;D et9adig i have never tried it! @@ all did ela ana!! ana kila thay3a bil 6osha!!!!!@@ i will try them soooon inshallah!!;p

  2. Hadeel says:

    abiiiii their chicken shawarmaaaaaaaaaa 😀
    bil3aafyaaa… 3asah 9a77a oo hana

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