Breakfast I Craved For…

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food

This previous Friday was a good cheat day. My favorite part was breakfast and lunch. I was so craving toast and cheese (toast oo jeben) and hot milk with baksam (7aleeb oo ba8sam). So, i decided instead of ruining the whole day and spreading them between breakfast, lunch or dinner, i decided to have them both for breakfast…

I like my toast TOASTED and made crispy, it just tastes better. A7la shay ityeek m7amesha oo soda… πŸ˜› I had it with Kraft cheese and Emmental cheese…


After that i had 7aleeb 7ar ma3a ba8sam. My favorite ba8sam is Tawa it so delicious, but since we didn’t have it i ate ba8sam Zamany, it was my first time but still was yummy. Its taste i pretty close to ba8sam Tawa…


Even though i couldn’t stop eating and just wanted more and more, but i got stopped by my father saying i had enough and i should leave room for lunch, since i am the one who requested my lunch that day. I think i am going to have the same breakfast next Friday i didn’t have enough… πŸ˜›

  1. Hadeel says:

    bil3aafyaaa… didn’t try Zamani’s baq9am yet… I think I should!
    Yallah! waiting for this friday! What are you craving for??

  2. wanna kil ma adish ur blog akon yo3ana wet7irnii!!@@ ;((( ok i think now i am going to do me some!!! :@

    o 3alaaaaaaik bil3afyaaaaaaaaa;p

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