Tea Club

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Food, Travel


Hearing so much about this restaurant and that it is one of the best places to go while you are in Bahrain, i thought i would give it a try. When i first heard of it i thought it is only a caffe where they serve different kinds of teas, which they do, but they also serve food. The atmosphere and seating is incredible i loved it a very warm place…
Before i start talking about the restaurant, here is some information about tea, its benefits and how it was founded…


I went to the restaurant right after my late breakfast so i started with grean tea…

Gun Powder Grean Tea. Maybe its that my breakfast was light but i thought it was light on the stomach and very good after a meal. But for the taste, i never tried gun powder but i think it would have the same taste. 😛 I would go with another kind of grean tea next time…

This time sand glass is brought with every tea it has 3, 4 and 5 minute markings on it and the waitress told me wait for 5 minutes and then start drinking your tea, it was interesting to hear that time was important for the tea to get settled. (lazem y5ader)…
Since lunch is not served until 1pm i forced myself in drinking the Gun Powder grean tea till 1…

The whole menu is only one sheet of A4 paper but with a good selection of food items. Pastas, pizzas, burgers and sandwiches…

I ordered the Bruschette as an appetizer, it was delicious. The bread was so crisp it breaks in your mouth, the whole thing was just perfect…

They have three kinds of burgers so i ordered the mini burgers and they were kind enough to put all three kinds in one plate. Tea Club Classic Burger, Cheese Heaven Burger and Mushroom Burger. The mushroom was my favorite the other two where just ok. Oh, and there fries were cooked to perfection…

Ofcoarse for dessert i quickly searched for something with nutella. 🙂 I ordered pancake with nutella, cinnamon and frosted sugar. Even though the sponge looking pancake tasted good but the way it was presented was totally wrong. Nutella was put on the side in a very very VERY small cup and they put regular sugar instead of the frosted sugar and sprinkled very little cinnamon. If it was presented differently for example at least drown the pancake with nutella inside out it would have tasted amazing.

Caramel Tea was my post meal tea, it was good when i reached my second glass and the third one tasted more delicious. You feel the caramel more everytime you refill…

It is a definite place to visit when your in Bahrain, it is located in The Lagoon, Amwaj. Next time i will try their pizza and pasta which was highly recommended. For your information it opens its doors at 12 noon and lunch is served at 1…

  1. Bo 3awath says:

    Nice Pics

  2. You know I have never been there :P.. Every time my friends or family go there I have other plans to do lol and even when I go to amwaj I go to other restaurants 😛
    I guess last time my sis went there she tried the mini burger too.. I guess it tastes good :)..

    Yalla inshalla I get the chance to go one day 😛 9ar 5a6ri now fel mini burger oo el pasta 😛

    • Konphuzed says:

      U must go ilga3da hnak wayid 7ilwa, if ur family is going then its a free meal, and a free meal should never be missed… 😛 My sister highly recommended their pasta so u should try it and let me know… 😉

  3. Chuknum says:

    The food looks great and the tea iyshawig caramel tea is on my mind now. I really like their logo too.

  4. Hadeel says:

    7asafa ma jarrabt their “ROSE iced tea”!!
    you have to next time 😉


  5. […] i was in Bahrain i went to Amwaj to try Tea Club, i posted about it previously (here). I went a bit early since i didn’t know it opened at 12 noon, so i passed by Costa to have a […]

  6. I WAAAN BA7RAAAIN!!;(((( i love their foooooood sooooo muuuuuuuch wallah jad akilhum muuuuuuuuu 9iiiiiiij!! ana 7adi ghal6ana eniii shift ur blog hal 7aza!;( baro7 akili cornflakes!;(

    o 3alaaaaaaaik bil 3afyaaaaaaaaaaaaa;D

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