What To Do In Kuwait

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Kuwait, Random, Travel

Everytime i get into an airplane i have to read or at least look through the magazine(s) they have, even though i have seen the same magazine before but i would still look at it again. Maybe just to waste time but you might also find great stuff about travelling. In most airlines you will find 2 magazines, one is the accessorise for sale (fragrances, watches, pens, etc.), the second magazine just has some articles about different places to visit…

In jazeera airways they only have the second magazine and while i was skimming through it i found these suggestions for places tourists should visit…


Best for Friday brunch – Al-Balad…
Best for luxury dinner – Asha’s…
Best for dessert – Chocolate Bar…
Best for a snack – Johnny Rockets…
Shopping – The Avenues…
Relax – Layali Al-Helmiya and Kuwait Towers…

What do you think? I would change a couple of them…

  1. “Best for a snack – Johnny Rockets…” << snack? johnny rockets is a snack? lol
    I would really love to visit kuwait 😦 .. Its not that I didnt, but I feel that I need someone to guide me.. Like to tell me where are the best places to visit there, the best restaurants and stuff.. You have a nice country ❤

    • Konphuzed says:

      I would have gone with another burger place but yes it could be considered a snack to some people… 😛 *ahem*
      Thnxx for your comment, ideera deertich, 7ayach allah… You are welcome anytime, if you ever decide to visit just let me know a couple of days before and i’ll publish a whole book on the places and restaurants you should visit… 😛

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