Fatburger Opening In Bahrain

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Food, Travel

I was walking around in City Center and i found this huge sign…


Fatburger is going to open in city Center, Bahrain. Its located beside Magic Planet and Coldstone. I think that is their first branch in bahrain…

  1. hehehehe mashallaaaa 3laik 😛

    yeah I saw this before, and today someone b3d told me about it 😛 **what a coincidence**

    I cant wait for them to open it, inshalla 7elo bas 😛 .. it looks good ^^

  2. la walla sorry I dont .. etha 3erft I’ll let you know for sure :).. you too if by any chance you knew lemme know plz 😛

  3. Hadeel says:

    I love their grilled chicken 😀

  4. emmanuel says:

    We made and import this concept most especially for you guys I will commit one thing you gonna taste the Greatest Hamburger in town !!!!! see you around

    • Konphuzed says:

      Emmanuel we have Fatburger in Kuwait and it is awesome, but in Kuwait the competition for the best hamburger is tough… 😉 Anyways i love Fatburger and can’t wait to try it in Bahrain… 🙂

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