The Hangover 2

Posted: June 12, 2011 in Movies, Travel

Last weekend i took a quick trip to Bahrain. At the top of my to do list was to watch The Hangover 2 since the first one was hilarious i had to see this one and i didn’t want to wait for it when it comes to Kuwait…

Actors: Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms…
Genre: Comedy…

The Movie was HILARIOUS i really enjoyed it. This time it all happens in Bangkok and believe me alot of shit can happen in Bangkok. I don’t wanna say alot but enjoy the trailer and You have to see the movie…

  1. lol, so a lot of topics about bahrain.. good keep it up :P..

    hmmm abt cutting the whole scene, tara ur chance ena dshait film mo ga63eena :P.. sa3at eswoon chee tra, sometimes here we dun go to some movies cuz we know ena they wud cut a lot of scenes on it :P..

    bas yeah, it wud be nice to have visitors to come to bahrain so welcome at anytime 😛

    • Konphuzed says:

      I know i love Bahrain, a couple more posts on the way inshalla… 🙂 But Butterfly Chick the movie was censored they put a black strip on the parts they want censored, like covering something in a book with a black marker… Maybe ur right but i really loved the way they did it in this movie it was very professional…

      • yeah I know what you mean, my friend was planning to go to this movie b3dain he said yamken ega63oon mineh cuz they usually do this 😛 then he heard ena they just put black strip as u said so he went lol.. So you better ask gabel latdesh el film etha emga63een mineh aw la :P..

        welcome here at any time dear 🙂

      • Konphuzed says:

        Thnxxxx… 😉 can’t wait for my next visit…

  2. Oops I wanted to comment on the above topic lol 😛

  3. Chuknum says:

    The movie looks hilarious bas Im worried about watching it and missing half the movie due to censorship 😦

    • Konphuzed says:

      I know what u mean… I hope they dont cut whole scenes out here in Kuwait, the movie is unbelievable just remembering their faces makes me laugh…:D

  4. says:

    وايد حلو هالفليم .. وعلى فكرة الجزء الثالث قاعد يشتغلون فيه الحين .. ويقولك بيكون مختلف عن الاجزاء السابقة تماماً

  5. ims85 says:

    وايد استانست بالفلم .. انا شفته بدبي اسبوع اللي فات ماكان مقطع كلشششششششش الا مقطعين او ثلاث ، كانوا هل مقاطع حيل قوية

    بس اتوقع فالكويت ثلاث ترباع الفلم مقطع


  6. Hadeel says:

    CAN’T WAIT TO see it!!!
    the trailer looks hilarious… hehe fun!

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