Elevation Burger

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Food

Last Friday (cheat day) for dinner i went with two of my friends to Elevation Burger. Elevation Burger is an organic restaurant, it is considered healthier than the regular burger places. The oil they use is healthy on the heart and the beef is all grass fed beef…
My order:
– 1 Elevation burger…
– 1 Cheese burger…
– 1 Regular fries…
– 1 Soft drink…



The food was amazing and delicious i really enjoyed it and was worth my cheat meal. My favorite part of the meal was the fries, they are so fresh and cooked to perfection. The burgers were also yummy and i felt they were light on the stomach, i didn’t mind eating another two. The way you order is that the burger only comes with cheese and you have to choose to add any toppings yourself. Oh i forgot, they have also a veggie burger and another burger, but i forgot its name, where you can go crazy from 3 to 10 burger patties. I didn’t like the fact that all of their burgers, except the veggie, are the same, the cheeseburger, elevation burger and the go crazy burger. The only difference is the number of patties, cheeseburger one patty, elevation burger 2 patties and the other burger is from 3 to 10 patties. They could have made them all as one burger and the customer would choose from 1 to 10 patties. The soft drinks is a self-serve, they give you the cups and you help yourself to the machine. The 7up i helped myself to had no gases at all, its as if a soft drink was left open for a while and all the gases evaporated. I found out that this problem happens alot in restaurants where the soft drink is poured from a machine.
Anyways in my opinion Elevation Burger is a must try, if you haven’t been to it yet i suggest you plan on going on your next cheat day…
P.S. They still don’t have their cookies available yet but i have a feeling they are going to be melt-in-your-mouth delicious…

  1. Hadeel says:

    hmmm ilbun looks SOFT!! YUMM!!
    bil3aafya 😀

  2. Landeni.com says:


    ana jrbtah can wayd 3ajeeeb bs shwai expensive than other

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