The Perfect Cheat Day

Posted: June 5, 2011 in Cheat Days, Food

This previous weekend i would say it was a success. That is all because on Friday, my cheat day was a succes, i had great food including home cooking, restaurants and some desserts. This is how my day went:

At Lunch:-

– Machbooos Diyay with Da8ooos, Achaar oo Ma3boooch…

– 9 Dates with Harda…

– 2 Mangoes…

– 1 Slice of Coconut Cake, it was delicious when i ate it i felt i was on the island in the Bounty commercial sleeping under the trees…

– Watermelon…

At Dinner:-

– Elevation Burger, i am going to write a post on it…

– White Tea and shared a Carrot Cupcake with a friend at Caribou’s…

– Finally an Aero chocolate…

I wanted to eat at the cinemas afterwards but my friends started shouting and saying i had enough, so i only took the Aero in the movies…

  1. Bo 3awath says:

    Lazim it7a6 i9war yal7abeeb

  2. Hadeel says:

    ahem ahem… hehehe
    YUP!! it was something out of this world 😛
    Bil3aafya 3alaik oo 3asaah doam 9a77a oo hana 🙂

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