Posted: June 3, 2011 in Food

Last night i went to Waterlemon Restaurant in the Avenues. I really like their Club Sandwich and fries but since yesterday was not my free day i couldn’t eat anything with bread. So i ordered a salad as my main dish. These were our dishes:



Chicken Wings Lollipops…


Chef’s Salad – I ordered it without parmesan cheese…


Steak and Fries…


The food was ok, even the salad wasn’t that great, but i guess the steak was nice since my friend ate the whole thing without complaining i didn’t try it. Anyhow if your going to try it out, try their clubsandwich and fresh watermelon juice…

  1. Chuknum says:

    I like their sandwiches more than the other dishes.
    But personally I like going to living color in Tilal if you want the same style of food but better quality and taste.

  2. Hadeel says:

    never enjoyed their food!! madri laish!!
    But I do agree with chuknum, living room is worth a try! go for it đŸ™‚

    • Konphuzed says:

      I’ve tried living room once before, its living color i haven’t been to… Even though their food is not that great but you have to try their club sandwich i hope it hasn’t changed…

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